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The Pathway To Stillness

Gary Irwin-Kenyon is a the founding Chair of Gerontoloy at St. Thomas University in New Brunswick, Canada, and an author. He is also a longtime Tai Chi practitioner and instructor.

He was interviewed on the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) radio show “Shift” by host Vanessa Vander Valk about Tai Chi, and the ideas of stillness being used to benefit you in practice and everyday life. This is the subjest of his book: “Pathways to Stillness”. Click on the Listen button below to hear the interview.

Gary is a teacher and practitioner of Tai Chi with more than thirty years experience. He designed a program, Tai Chi as Narrative Care, which he has been teaching for the past ten years to special groups, including residents in long-term care. He conducts workshops and seminars in Canada, The United States, Europe, and Asia.

Excerpt from Gary Irwan-Kenyon’s website. To see the whole biography and his website click this Link

His book, Pathways to Stillness, was published in 2016 and is available on

Click on the image below to see more of this interesting book.





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