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Want To Write For Slanted Flying?

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Do you want to write for Slanted Flying?

We are looking for writers to keep up with the large demand from our readers for new and original content! If you enjoy writing about Tai Chi Chuan, now your work has the opportunity to be seen by tens of Thousands of passionate fans of Tai Chi!

Currently we are looking for writers to contribute to the following subjects on Tai Chi Chuan:

  • Personal Experience and Insights
  • Book Reviews
  • News
  • Events, Seminars, and Tournaments
  • History
  • Philosophy
  • Training
  • Interviews of interesting or famous practitioners of Tai Chi Chuan
  • Biographies of famous Masters

Book reviews can be any book related to Tai Chi Chuan. Obviously Slanted Flying is looking for reviews about good books that will benefit our Tai Chi community, but we will consider all reviews. The review should be between 250 and 1000 words (give or take). It should be all original content.

Article content about Tai Chi training, history, bios of masters, etc, should be between 750 and 2000 words and original content as well.

Photos should be submitted to go along with the articles, but they need to be a photo which you have the copyrights to. If not, then Slanted Flying will provide a photo or photos to appear with the published article.

Slanted Flying will examine all article submissions for grammar and simple typo mistakes. We reserve the right to apply these edits as we find them. As well, we will check to see that the submissions are indeed original content. Previous work of your own or others which has been already published on the Web will not be accepted. Excerpts from books or magazine articles, along with added original content, is acceptable.

Reviews and articles will be posted on the website You will be credited for the reviews or articles, and if you wish you can include an author’s bio about yourself as well. You can submit the book reviews or articles on Tai Chi Chuan in standard font & size, as a ‘Word’ attachment (we prefer .doc to .docx, please don’t send in text of email itself) to

Please email us at if you have any questions, and to let us know before you start the review or article, just so there are not duplicate submissions from other contributors. We look forward to working with you on this! Please let us know if you have any questions.

“Your articles are posted on the website and will be credited to you as the author.

Slanted Flying reserves all use rights to anything we publish in any form—but, with permission, we’re usually happy for you to use your work elsewhere, provided we’re credited and linked to.

Please feature your Slanted Flying articles on your web site, in your portfolio, etc.—the more you feature it in your personal sphere, and email it to friends, the more traction and traffic it will get.

Feel free to re-publish your article on your own website or blog. We ask that you include a link back and language at the bottom indicating that readers may find the original piece on

If you would like to republish your work elsewhere, please email

By submitting your article for publication, you agree to these conditions.”



2 thoughts on “Want To Write For Slanted Flying?”

  1. Kelvin Ho says:

    How can I edit this page that I created? I don’t think that I created an account when I created this page.


  2. Slanted Flying says:

    Hi Kelvin,

    If you click on the edit button, there is an option to use an access key if you were not registered. Click on “Request Access Key” which is under the “Use Access Key” Button. The access key will be emailed to the email address you used on the listing information for your school. Once you receive the access key, you can go back to the edit page and enter your school email and access key to edit your listing. If you have any trouble, please email us at

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