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Practical Method Toronto

Practical Method Toronto
Kelvin Ho

Chen Style Taijiquan was born of necessity of war over 400 years ago. In order to protect the family, the village and the township, the Chen family masters had kept it a secret from the outside world for many generations until 1928 when 17th generation standard bearer Chen Fake went to Beijing, taking the art with him.

Master Chen Zhonghua has had the good fortune of learning the original choreography of this art from Grandmasters Hong Junsheng and Feng Zhiqiang when he was a young man in China. Throughout his life, this art and the teachings of his two masters have guided him over difficult times both as a means of inspiration and a means of action.

Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method is an inheritance and continuation of the original Grandmaster Chen Fake teachings passed through Grandmaster Hong Junsheng. The choreography is kept intact while some of the hidden applications are brought to light in order to make the forms and applications identical. Thus the title Practical Method. In a way, this particular form is the combination of gong and fa. At Grandmaster Chen Fake’s time, the form was intentionally made different from the applications.

Kelvin Ho is a disciple of Master Chen Zhonghua, who is the Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method International Standard Bearer. He has been teaching the Practical Method system since 2011, and has received medals in various Taiji competitions in Greater Toronto Area.

Our lineage is Chen Fake -> Hong Junsheng -> Chen Zhonghua -> Kelvin Ho.

This school teaches taiji through foundations, yilu (first routine), and push hands. People interested in further studies will study erlu (cannon first), and other advanced applications.

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Practical Method Toronto