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International Tai Chi Park

On the northern shores of Lake Superior lies Thunder Bay, Canada. An unlikely place to have an International Tai Chi Park. However, such a place was built and completed in 2011 with a Moon Gate looking out over Lake Superior and the Sleeping Giant. Beside the Moon Gate lies a patterned stone pad 60 feet in diameter designed for groups to practiceTai Chi Chuan.


International Taiji ParkThe city of Thunder Bay has had a long history of being active with Tai Chi Chuan, and is
internationally known as “The Taiji City” In 1990 Tai Chi master Peng Youlian came to Canada and soon started teaching Tai Chi. He built up a following of students and even brought them regularly to China to train in Tai Chi Chuan, as well as bringing Tai Chi teachers from China to visit Thunder Bay.

A meeting of Tai Chi masters came to Thunder Bay in July of 2006. There were 7 masters of Tai Chi Chuan who came from China for the The International Forum on Taijiquan, which was hosted by Peng Youlian. They represented the different family styles of Tai Chi Chuan. Master Wu Wenhan, Master Yang Zhenduo, Master Chen Zhenglei, Master Sun Yongtian, Master Zeng Nailiang, Master Ma Hailong and Master Eddie Wu Kwong Yu travelled to Canada to demonstrate and give lectures on their different style of Tai Chi Chaun for the event.

Framing Sleeping GiantMaster Peng Youlian came up with the concept of the International Tai Chi Park, and working together with the Form Architecture Engineering  firm, the project came to realization.  Peng Youlian regularly hosts training and events such as the World Tai Chi Day at the park.  Visit the website of master Peng Youlian to find out more about Tai Chi and the International Tai Chi Park in Thunder Bay, Canada.



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