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Traditional Wu Tai Chi Chuan

Traditional Wu Tai Chi Chuan
Robert Rudniak (SA) ; Ian Tzamtizis / Natalie Wittwen (Cape Town); Ron Laraman (Mossel Bay)
Good quality training Slow Short and Long Forms. SAbre, Spear and Push Hands available for the more advanced students. The Ma family (Ma Yuengliang lineage) has maintained, perfected and standardized the Wu Style of Tai Chi Chuan to an effective art, practiced in various countries throughout the world.

Teaching the principles of traditional tai chi chuan. This is done through the knowledge and execution of the basic Chinese Fitness exercise, the Slow form, Listening / push hands, various Weapon forms and the ultimate Fast form.

+27 (0)21 5516229
South Africa
Western Cape
Milnerton / Cape Town
Graaff Avenue / Tuin Plein Street
  • Traditional Wu Tai Chi Chuan

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Traditional Wu Tai Chi Chuan