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Iggy Pop and Tai Chi

IggyPopMany people know the singer Iggy Pop (a.k.a James Newell Osterberg Jr) as a musician, who has lived his life on the edge as many singers have. He was the lead singer of the protopunk group “The Stooges”, and was known for outrageous and unpredictable antics on the stage.

Now 66 years old, he is still performing, but Iggy Pop has slowed down his lifestyle off stage for the last few years. He has taken a more gentle approach to life including the practice of Tai Chi and Chi Kung for over twenty years, which has helped keep him fit!

“To feel good when I was 21, all I had to do was to smoke a joint. Now I have to turn off my phones and do tai chi for an hour.”

– Iggy  Pop –

Watch this interesting video below to hear Iggy Pop talk about his current life, and how Tai Chi has helped him. You can even watch him practice a few Tai Chi movements!

Just like thousands of other people, many celebrities have found that the practice of Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Kung have helped them with their health and peace of mind, and have incorporated the practice into their lives.





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