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North Cascades Tai Chi

North Cascades Tai Chi
North Cascades Tai Chi
Laoshi Larry Braniff
North Cascades Tai Chi is a school of full system Sun/Yang Styles of taijiquan.

North Cascades Tai Chi provides instruction of the 3 basic levels of taijiquan; 1)Long Form, 2)Partner work IE tuishou and 3) weapons. The Sun Style offered is the traditional Sun Family 98 form. Laoshi Larry learned this form from a disciple of Master Sun Shu Rong the granddaughter of Sun Lutang and daughter of Sun Cunzhou. Larry also teaches the Sun Family jian (straight sword). Larry teaches a traditional Yang 108 form and most of the tuishou taught is from the Yang system though there are elements of Sun tuishou as well. The Sanshou 88 form may be offered to students who have completed the 108 form and the tuishou curriculum. Larry has trained in Xing Yi and continues to train in Sun Bagua as well as Shen Ting Hua Bagua . North Cascades offers the Chinese Internal (Neija) Martial arts elements to it’s Taiji training as it is Laoshi Larry’s philosophy that even if you don’t wish to be a martial artist, the elements of martial training greatly enhance the physical, mental and holistic well being of the practitioner.

360- 428- 2723
United States
Mount Vernon

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North Cascades Tai Chi