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Tai Chi On Display At City Hall, San Francisco

Tai Chi Chuan was displayed in the Civic Plaza in front of the San Francisco City Hall in California, United States. Hundreds of practitioners took part in Tai Chi demonstrations as part of the 10th Annual Hill Physicians Asian Heritage Street Celebration which took place Saturday, May 17th.

Various styles of Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong were showcased at the event. Dr. Effie Chow of East West Academy of Healing Arts/World Congress on Qigong-TaiChi-TCM was the mastermind and coordinator of the festival’s large Tai Chi demonstration. Some of the demonstrations included the folowing:

– Master Jin Cai Dai and the San Francisco Jin Cai Tai Chi Team: 40 step Yang style tai chi Quan
– Master Xiao Dong He and the San Francisco Fintness-taichi: Sun style tai chi Quan
– Master Xiaohong Wu: Yang style Tai chi Quan
– Master Xizhao Zhen: Chen style 2nd routine Pao chui
– Master Wayne Peng and USA Tai Chi Culture Association: Zhao Bao Tai chi Quan
– Master Chuntong Wu and the Tongle Tai Chi Team: Wu style tai chi Quan





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