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Tai Chi Makes This 100-Year-Old Feel Young

100-year-old Florine Ferree has a secret to her long life. Besides having a positive attitude and buying shoes, she says that practicing Tai Chi Chuan helps her keep on her toes! Ferree practices Tai Chi almost everyday. She takes part in a Tai Chi class for seniors in St. Louis, Missouri. Along with the other students in the class, Ferree is taught by Tai Chi instructor Violet Li.

Please enjoy this video by St. Louis News Channel KSDK.

Besides instructing seniors in Tai Chi, Violet Li is also an award winning journalist and author of over 300 articles on Tai Chi, Qigong, and Fitness for Li is a student of Chen Zhenglei, an 11th generation direct-line inheritor of Chen style of Tai Chi Chuan.

NOTE (January 17/2015)* The video featured in the article was filmed five years ago when Florine Ferree was 100 years old, sadly she passed away in the spring of 2015. She was 105 1/2 years old!





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