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Local Street Mural Features Tai Chi

Mural 1

In the City of  Eagle Rock, California, there is a beautifully painted mural in a neighborhood public space. It depicts Tai Chi practitioners practicing their art peacefully on the lawn.

The artist of the Tai Chi Mural is Roger Dolin, and it was a public mural project which was produced in coordination with the city of Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council.

Mural 4The mural was originally painted in 2004, but was restored in 2012 when it was defaced. A special anti-graffiti coating now covers the mural, and the city of Eagle Rock watches over it.  It is also registered with the Department of Cultural Affairs, and is part of their art collection.

Roger Dolin has been painting murals for over 30 years. When he did the Tai Chi mural in 2004, it was his first public mural for the city of Eagle Rock, CA. Before that, Roger worked mainly in the healthcare industry painting murals in hospital treatment and waiting rooms. After Roger Dolin painted the Tai Chi mural, he has become an advocate for outdoor public art, and is now the director of Pubic Arts for the Museum of the San Fernando Valley.

The work on the Tai Chi mural could not have been accomplished without the help of volunteers.

        Mural 3             Mural 2

“I had been studying Tai Chi with former students of Marshall Ho. Does that name sound familiar? The woman in front is Doria Cook Nelson, The woman behind her is Jeannie Shannon. They were both my teachers for the few years that I studied. I loved the forms and thought they made great figures for a mural and since Eagle Rock was a huge Chinese community back in the 20’s I just assumed that there must have been some Tai Chi going on.”

Roger Dolin

The work of Roger Dolin can be seen on the website

If you want to contact Roger Dolin, you can reach him at his Email.





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