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Tai Chi In Rolling Stones Music Video

In the Rolling Stones music video “Neighbours” we see Tai Chi being featured several times throughout the video. The video is set in an apartment building where it is viewed from the outside looking in the windows. The camera moves from the band playing in one window to the neighbour’s windows and back to the band. In one of the windows, several times we see  a man practicing Tai Chi in his apartment.

Mick Jagger was inspired to write the song from Keith Richards’ run-ins with his neighbours from his playing the guitar in his New York City apartment. After complaints that he was playing music too loudly, Richards and his girlfriend were evicted from their apartment in 1981. The song was part of the Tattoo You album released in 1981.

As a Tai Chi enthusiast who loves all things Tai Chi, I always get excited when I see Tai Chi Chuan being featured in movies, TV shows, and commercials.



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