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Helen Mirren Performs Tai Chi In Calendar Girls

In the movie “Calendar Girls” which stars Helen Mirren, we find Tai Chi being featured several times throughout the movie. The movie is about a group of older women who decide to raise money to fight cancer after one of the women’s husband dies from leukemia.

In the scenes that feature the Tai Chi, Helen Mirren leads her group of friends through their practice of the Yang style Tai Chi. The scenes were filmed on a grassy hill in the beautiful countryside of North Yorkshire, England.

In the first scene of the movie we see the group of friends practising their Tai Chi. It is a little comical as Helen Mirren calls out incorrect names for the movements which her friends notice!

It is wonderful as an avid enthusiast of Tai Chi to see Tai Chi Chuan being featured in movies, TV shows, and commercials. Often we see the Tai Chi being performed in the background, but more times we are starting to see it being featured as part of the storyline with the one of the main characters practising this wonderful art!

Now you can watch Calendar Girls, just click the image below!





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