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Blind Tai Chi

Dr. Ilan Amit was known as a mathematician, defense consultant, author, philosopher, and a mystic. He also was a practitioner of Tai Chi Chuan for many years. Dr. Ilan Amit was Blind. He started learning Tai Chi with Assi Ben-Porat, and met once a week with him for instruction for 23 years. 

Watch this absolutely inspiring short documentary about Dr. Ilan Amit and his journey of Tai Chi Chuan with his teacher Assi Ben Porat. Unfortunately during the time of the making of the film, Dr. Ilan Amit passed away after suffering a stroke. He was 78 years old.

Assi Ben-Porat is a certified Tai Chi instructor of the British Tai Chi Chuan Association, where he studied with John Kells from 1978 to 1984. After returning to Israel in 1984 he opened the Center for Tai Chi Chuan in Tel Aviv, and was one of the first to instruct Tai Chi Chuan in Israel. Assi Ben-Porat is also known for his paintings on Tai Chi.

Over the years spent as teacher and student, Assi Ben-Porat was able to teach Dr. Ilan Amit different aspects of the Tai Chi training. As well as the Tai Chi form, he also had learned Chi Kung, the Tai Chi sword, and the two-person exercise known as Push Hands.

Below is the book “The Lamp – A (Not Quite) Spiritual Biography” written by Dr. Ilan Amit. An interesting read about an amazing man! As well, Assi Ben-Porat has created this beautiful shirt from one of his paintings Click on the images to see more!


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