Slanted FlyingJournal of Tai Chi Chuan


Bird’s Eye View Of Chen Village

Have you ever wondered what the famous Chen Village looks like from the view of a bird flying above? This wonderfully filmed video features a breathtaking arial view of what is commonly referred to as “The Birth Place of Tai Chi Chuan”. One of the special treats in watching the film is seeing several well known teachers of the Chen style of Tai Chi Chuan. Chen Xiaoxing and a large group of his students are featured in the video.Chen Ziqiang is also seen expertly performing his family’s art in front of a snowy backdrop and in front of a written Chinese characters..

Please enjoy this wonderful video. It is best viewed in full screen!

As you can see from the footage in the video the once dusty village is now a thriving small city. It has become famous for foreign students of Tai Chi travelling from all across the globe to train the amazing art. The teaching of these foreign students, as well as students from across China, had created a new local economy. The local teachers have been able to build large teaching facilities with dormitories, and the Chinese government seeing the benefit has taken a large part in promoting Chen Village and the Tai Chi that it has become famous for.




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