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Dan Pasek

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Dan Pasek has been studying Taijiquan since 1979, and teaches interactive skills (with and without weapons) at his school, Entwined Dragons Taijiquan, in Pittsboro, NC, USA.

School Traditions/Principles (Daotong 道統)

Just as every individual has their personality and idiosyncrasies, schools of Taijiquan (太極拳) also have specific traditions and rules (daotong, 道統, …

Taking The Initiative In Taijiquan

Wu Yuxiang’s Taijiquan classic states “You must act according to your opponent, not try to do things from yourself, for if you go along with your opponent,

Taijiquan – Moving Through Molasses

Some practitioners who are older or primarily practice for health practice as softly as possible. Some instead practice as if moving, or "swimming" through …

Softness, Sensitivity, and Science in Taijiquan

Weber’s Law of Just Noticeable Differences can help us understand our perceptions of changes in force against an opponent when practicing Taijiquan …

Lessons from Taijiquan Interactive Weapons Practice

Many Taijiquan (太極拳) practitioners never learn interactive weapons, and some do not even study weaponless interactive

Multitasking? The Mind, Attention, and Intention in Taijiquan

When trying to focus on more than one task, we rapidly switch our attention from one task to another. Although it seems instantaneous, switching from one task …

Six-Direction Force In Taijiquan

Six-direction force includes the balance of opposing directions for up/down, forward/backward and right/left ( yang and yin pairs), which will be

Hitting Taijiquan’s Sweet Spot

(A New Commentary on Wang Zongyue’s Treatise) The sweet spot in Taijiquan (太極拳), as I understand it, is the fine line between yin (阴) and yang (阳) …

Be the Ball

How the Circle/Sphere Generates and Differentiates Yin and Yang in Taijiquan. An image I find useful is that of a properly inflated ball floating on

Taijiquan’s Tui Shou (Push-hands) and Fighting from the Middle Range

Tui Shou, or push-hands, can be used to train many things in the study of Taijiquan, and different schools likely have numerous specialized methods for using …