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Dan Pasek

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Dan Pasek has been studying Taijiquan since 1979, and teaches interactive skills (with and without weapons) at his school, Entwined Dragons Taijiquan, in Pittsboro, NC, USA.

Does Size Matter in Taijiquan?

The concept of “four ounces moves a thousand pounds” indicates that size differences should not matter for someone skilled in the art of Taijiquan.

Force from Structure vs. Acceleration in Taijiquan

Acceleration is also used in Taijiquan, there is an emphasis on using a unified (whole-body) structure, therefore emphasizing the “m” (mass)

Stability vs. Mobility in Taijiquan

Taijiquan prevents falls and other difficulties in elderly populations, but how does Taijiquan balance stability with mobility in fit practitioners?

Taijiquan’s Secondary Energy/Power Techniques

In two previous articles I presented unorthodox views of the four primary jin of Taijiquan’s thirteen energies/techniques peng, lu, ji, and

Taijiquan’s Rebounding (掤 Peng) And Diverting (履 Lu) (A Ball’s Response to Incoming Force)

Two of the thirteen energies/techniques (十三式 shi san shi) of Taijiquan (太極拳) are peng (掤 rebound or “ward off”) and lu (履 divert or “roll …

Taijiquan’s Pressing (按 An) and Squeezing (挤 Ji) (Attacking an Opponent’s Defensive Sphere)

This article addresses attacking a partner/opponent’s defensive “sphere” using an (press) and ji (squeeze), two of the thirteen energies/techniques of …

Fangsong (放松) and Peng (掤) in Taijiquan

In the practice of Taijiquan, we strive to properly balance the yin and yang principles such that there is no excess and no deficiency, no

School Traditions/Principles (Daotong 道統)

Just as every individual has their personality and idiosyncrasies, schools of Taijiquan (太極拳) also have specific traditions and rules (daotong, 道統, …

Taking The Initiative In Taijiquan

Wu Yuxiang’s Taijiquan classic states “You must act according to your opponent, not try to do things from yourself, for if you go along with your opponent,

Taijiquan – Moving Through Molasses

Some practitioners who are older or primarily practice for health practice as softly as possible. Some instead practice as if moving, or "swimming" through …