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Dan Pasek

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Dan Pasek has been studying Taijiquan since 1979, and teaches interactive skills (with and without weapons) at his school, Entwined Dragons Taijiquan, in Pittsboro, NC, USA.

Six-Direction Force In Taijiquan

Six-direction force includes the balance of opposing directions for up/down, forward/backward and right/left ( yang and yin pairs), which will be

Hitting Taijiquan’s Sweet Spot

(A New Commentary on Wang Zongyue’s Treatise) The sweet spot in Taijiquan (太極拳), as I understand it, is the fine line between yin (阴) and yang (阳) …

Be the Ball

How the Circle/Sphere Generates and Differentiates Yin and Yang in Taijiquan. An image I find useful is that of a properly inflated ball floating on

Taijiquan’s Tui Shou (Push-hands) and Fighting from the Middle Range

Tui Shou, or push-hands, can be used to train many things in the study of Taijiquan, and different schools likely have numerous specialized methods for using …