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Tai Chi Caledonia Celebrates 20 Years

Tai Chi Caledonia 2015 just finished on July 24th. This annual event, which brings together enthusiasts of Tai Chi Chuan, is held in the Scottish Highlands. The week long training camp, held at the campus of the Stirling University, draws instructors and participants form the local area as well as from across the water.

Held from July 1t7h through to the 24th, the 20th annual event featured various workshops and discussions of Tai Chi Chuan. Instructors for this wonderful gathering included Dan Docherty, Faye Li Yip, Barry McGinlay, Ronnie Robinson, Luke Shepherd, as well as a few other well qualified teachers of Tai Chi Chuan.

If you are thinking about attending the 21st annual Tai Chi Caledonia next year, or just want to find more information, you can visit the website of Tai Chi Caledonia for more information.





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