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Two Dragons Tai Chi Academy

Two Dragons Tai Chi Academy
Sifu Tom McAleese
We teach the full system of traditional Yang style Tai Chi Chuan. Forms, Breathing, and Martial Art. In slowness there is speed, in stillness there is motion, and in gentleness there is strength!

We teach, as we were taught, by our Grandmaster Raymond Chung (Chung Yan Man). The full system of Yang style Tai Chi Chuan was passed on to him by Yang family members Grand Master Yang Chao-Ch’ing (Yang Cheng-Fu) and Master Yang Chen-Ming (Yang Shou-Chung). Master Chung is partially responsible for introducing the full system of this ancient Chinese art to North America.

British Columbia
33735B Essendene Ave.
V2S 2G7
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Two Dragons Tai Chi Academy