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New Documentary About Cheng Man Ching

A new documentary about Cheng Man Ching called “The Professor: Tai Chi’s Journey West” is being produced. This film by Barry Strugatz and Ken Van Sickle features some of the best quality film footage of Cheng Man Ching that we have seen. This footage, along with interviews of former students of Cheng such as Maggie Newman, Carol Yamasaki, Ed Young, and Ken Van Sickle are part of this project that has been in the process for 10 years.

Making a feature length documentary of this quality is a very expensive undertaking. To help finance this project, the makers of the film had chosen to raise funds by using the popular fundraising website. I am happy to report that they have met their fundraising goal! It would have been a shame if this great project did not get the funding that it deserves.

Enjoy a small sample of the documentary below. You can visit, the website of the filmmakers to find out much more about this great undertaking.

If you are interested in contributing to the realization of this great documentary of Cheng Man Ching becoming a reality, you can still contribute a tax-deductible donation for “The Professor: Tai Chi’s Journey West”. Just visit the IFP Fiscal Sponsorship website and make a donation!

Below is a message from the filmmakers Barry Strugatz and Ken Van Sickle talking about their efforts in making this film.. Please enjoy the video!

The Professor: Tai Chi’s Journey West from Tai-Chi Film on Vimeo.

It is very rare that we can see into the past to view the old masters of our wonderful art of Tai Chi Chuan. That such good quality of film still exists of Cheng Man Ching gives hope that other film footage of great Tai Chi masters is out there. Hopefully this film may encourage the family’s who control other older films to share these great treasures with the world. Such selfless acts could benefit the Tai Chi world. Possibly funds could be similarly raised to help restore older film footage that is not in the best of condition.

I would personally like to thank the filmmakers of this documentary for this great endeavor, and encourage all lovers of Tai Chi Chuan to help contribute to making this documentary a reality!





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