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Millions To Demonstrate Tai Chi During Month Of September

What may be the largest Tai Chi event ever will be happening starting at the beginning of this September, and ending on the 17th of the month. The event, called the “World Hundreds Cities Tai Chi Event”, started out with several large demonstrations of Tai Chi with thousands of participants, in over 200 different arenas. It began in Chenjiago (Chen Village), and could involve up to 8 million people from more than 190 cities around the world.

In Chenjiagou,, which is the birthplace of the Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan, 1,000 people take part in Tai Chi demonstrations.

The video below was live streamed on the China Xinhua News Facebook Page. Reporters covered this part of the event, talking to some of the participants, including foreign students of Tai Chi Chuan.





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