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Sam Langley

About Sam Langley

Sam has been practicing Tai Chi for 8 years and is a fully certified instructor with the Tai Chi union for Great Britain. Find out more about Sam on his Tai Chi website:

Are You Comfortable?

Similarly, Tai Chi practice brings us face to face with discomfort. This is probably the reason that 99% of people quit after a few

Don’t Know Mind

Several years ago I read book called ‘Wanting enlightenment is a big mistake’. It was about the teachings of Korean Zen master Seung Sahn and written by …

Teaching Yourself

If you want to learn Tai Chi you need to have a teacher, hopefully a good one. You can’t simply copy the movements from a video or read about the principles …


The article Humility is reprinted on Slanted Flying website with the permission of the author Sam Langley from his personal Blog. If you practice Tai Chi …

Why practice Tai Chi?

Why practice Tai Chi? When I ask new students why they are interested in learning Tai Chi, they usually have difficulty coming up with an answer.