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Sam Langley

About Sam Langley

Sam has been practicing Tai Chi for 8 years and is a fully certified instructor with the Tai Chi union for Great Britain. Find out more about Sam on his Tai Chi website:

Master Chen Yingjun

Maybe it was when the floorboards shattered that I realised I was in the presence of a warrior. Taijiquan is a battlefield martial art and its original


The word 'Relax' is a pleasing one and I've yet to find a better word to replace it. It is, perhaps though, problematic.

Are You Comfortable?

Similarly, Tai Chi practice brings us face to face with discomfort. This is probably the reason that 99% of people quit after a few

Don’t Know Mind

Several years ago I read book called ‘Wanting enlightenment is a big mistake’. It was about the teachings of Korean Zen master Seung Sahn and written by …

Teaching Yourself

If you want to learn Tai Chi you need to have a teacher, hopefully a good one. You can’t simply copy the movements from a video or read about the principles …


The article Humility is reprinted on Slanted Flying website with the permission of the author Sam Langley from his personal Blog. If you practice Tai Chi …

Why practice Tai Chi?

Why practice Tai Chi? When I ask new students why they are interested in learning Tai Chi, they usually have difficulty coming up with an answer.