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A World Tai Chi Day Tradition Continues In Greenville

The World Tai Chi and Qigong Day event in Greenville, NC continues the tradition of hosting local Tai Chi schools to celebrate the art of Tai Chi Chuan.

The Redding Tai Chi Meditation Garden Needs Your Vote

An article we did titled about the David Chen Memorial Tai Chi Park has inspired a Tai Chi group to build their own Tai Chi and Meditation

World Tai Chi And Qigong Day 2017

Every year on the last Saturday of April at 10:00 am local time all across the globe, people will gather in groups to celebrate the practice Tai Chi and …

Over 300 Tai Chi Practitioners Demonstrate On Great Wall

Over 300 Tai Chi Practitioners gathered on a section of the Jinshanling section of the Great Wall of China. Together they demonstrated the art of Tai Chi

A Small Allegory

Francisco Sánchez gives a wonderful exhibition of movement in this short film titled "A Small Allegory" by performing Taiji Neigong Wu Bu

Fu Sheng Yuan Passes Away

Fu Sheng Yuan (1931 - 2017), son of the famous Fu Zhong Wen has passed away. He started learning the Yang Family style of Tai Chi Chuan at the age of 9 years …

The Pathway To Stillness

Gary Irwin-Kenyon talks about Tai Chi, and the use of stillness to benefit practice and everyday life. He is a gerontologist, author, and Tai Chi

International Tai Chi Park

On the northern shores of Lake Superior lies Thunder Bay, Canada. An unlikely place to for a International Tai Chi Park. However, in 2011 such a place was

Tai Chi In The Movie “Killer Elite”

In one of the scenes of the movie, Locken meets an old friend, who is practicing Tai Chi in a group which led by Guang Ping Tai Chi Chuan master Kuo …

Yuki’s Gift

Yuki Tanji is a Tai Chi practitioner and instructor based in Berlin, Germany. In this beautifully filmed video produced by Jhohan Planefeldt, Yuki demonstrates …