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Yuki’s Gift

Yuki Tanji is a Tai Chi practitioner and instructor based in Berlin, Germany. In this beautifully filmed video produced by Jhohan Planefeldt, Yuki demonstrates …

Tai Chi Helps The Homeless With Hope

A library in Salt Lake City is giving the homeless an opportunity for exercise, and hope. The library offers free Tai Chi classes to the city's

Is Tai Chi The Answer To Back Pain?

Many people suffer from back pain. As individuals get older, the likelihood of having to deal with back pain from recent or older injuries becomes greater.

Tai Chi in the movie “This Must Be The Place”

The movie "This Must Be The Place" is about a former rock star who embarks on a quest from his retirement to find the ex-Nazi war who had persecuted his

Challenging yourself in Tai Chi Practice

How much do you challenge yourself in your practice of Tai Chi Chuan? This firefighter dons full gear, including oxygen tank and mask, and then performs the 38 …

Chen Zhenglei Demonstrates Tai Chi At U.N. Headquarters

On December 8th, 2016, Chen Tai Chi master Chen Zhenglei gave a speech and demonstration to staff members of the United Nations on the subject of Tai Chi

School Students Learn Tai Chi From Visiting Master

Children at a New York School had the chance to learn some moves from a Tai Chi master visiting from China, Xiao Bing, who comes from Foshan

The Tai Chi Mannequin Challange

Have you heard about one of the latest online crazes? We have had the Flash Mobs, the Harlem Shake, the Ice Bucket Challenge... Well, now there is the …

Henry Look Passes Away

Sad news of the passing of Grand-master Henry Look (1925-2016), who was 90 years old. He left this world on Tuesday morning, November

Cheng Jin Cai Passes Away

Cheng Jin Cai (1953 - 2016) passed away on Sunday, November 6th after a three month battle with pancreatic cancer. He was an 19th generation master of the Chen …