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Alan Sims

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Alan Sims is a Tai Chi Chuan instructor and an internationally published author. He lives in New York City. Alan studied Goju karate briefly under James Eaton Jr., Ving Tsun Kung Fu under Lee Moy Shan, and Tai Chi Chuan under Larry Banks - Yang and Chen Tai Chi forms. Alan Sims can be contacted at

A Kowtow To The Boxers Of Old

This article is based on Sun Jian Guo's book on the Taijiquan of Wu Yu Xiang (1812-1880), and some of it's components. In It are included 3 traditional fist …

Taijiquan And Its Evolution

Shen Jia Zhen's book on the Chen family's Taijiquan written in Chinese is the source of the Chen first and second routines illustrated in the "Dao Of

Jou Tsung Hwa’s Chen 1

I intend to continue in this article to present the Tai Chi Farm exercises which have been explained in a series format in my previous articles. While writing …

A Moment Of Inspiration

I began my studies in the art of Tai Chi Chuan under the instruction of Larry Banks, who was one of the original students of Jou Tsung Hwa in Piscataway, New …