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Here is a wonderful video by the film company 2digif called “The Art Of Tai Chi Sailing” featuring Chen Tai Chi Chuan practitioner Piotr Walczak. It was filmed in Poznan, Poland on the the grounds of the 19th century Fort Winiary, also known as the Citadel. Piotr Walczak sails through his movements using a 28 pound (12 kg) Halbred (Kwan Dao), a traditional weapon of the Chen style of Tai Chi Chuan.

Initially, we wanted to show the art of Tai Chi closer to nature. However, because of problems with the weather and some of the places, we decided that the film will be shot in the ruins of the fort. Tai Chi is an art that goes back many years so we hope that fits perfectly with the old architecture.

Szymon Sierakowski – 2digif

Piotr Walczak is a practitioner of the Chen style of Tai Chi Chuan. He started his training in 2009 under the guidance of Peter Ziemba in the Tai Chi School in Poznan, Poland. He had trained the Saber and the Halbred (Kwan Dao) when learning the Chen style, and still enjoys practicing both to this day. Piotr has also studied with Howard Choy and Sam Chin at seminars held in Poznan. Piotr Walczak

Piotr talks a bit about the art of Tai Chi Chuan.

Looking for Tai Chi as a system of internal development, we see that it contains a lot of procedures in the field of martial arts, each of which refers to the routine collection of movements. The movements of Tai Chi have been developed based on the assumptions of the ancient Chinese medical knowledge for the human body. Fighting Techniques – Applications of weapons, such as the bill are consistent with the bio-mechanical principles of physical exercises, combining “action and omission”, “balance of Yin and Yang”, “complement brute force and gentleness” and “inclusion strength of spirit to making a move. ”

With them it was born the theory of “Liu He” ie “Six Harmonies”.
These are:
1 Harmony of the hands and feet,
2 Harmony elbows and knees,
3 Harmony shoulders and pelvis,
4 The harmony of heart and mind,
5 The harmony of the mind and Qi,
6 Harmony Qi energy and life.

According to ancient Chinese philosophy of “Tian Ren He Yi”, ie “unity of man and the universe”, reasonable and economic movements are most compatible with the natural structure of the human body. Forms of Tai Chi are the essence of this assumption….

Piotr Walczak

2digif is more than a company to its founders. It was created by Szymon Sierakowski and his good friend Wojciech Żelasko. They wanted to realize their own passion and spend time outside of work in a productive manner, To be able to show through film, the world and the people and leave something behind. You can visit them at their Facebook Page:

The music featured in this video is the song “Sail” by Awolnation. You can download it following the link below.



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