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The Tea Master And The Swordsman

I wanted to share this really great short film that I came across. While this is not a film on Tai Chi, it could have just as easily been.

“The Tea Master” is a short film by Aaron Au. It is about an old Tea Master who is challenged by a swordsman that he comes across. He carries with him an imperial sword given to him by the Emperor himself. However, the Tea Master does not know how to wield a sword. He is desperate to find a solution for dealing with the challenge that could cost him his life!

Please enjoy “The Tea Master” below, and find out how this fragile old man deals with the challenge of the swordsman.

If you are interested in more about this short film, you can find out about the cast and crew at

Although this film centers around the Japanese arts, it could just as well be about the the Chinese arts. It is a reminder of how we use our body and our mind in the art of Tai Chi Chuan. “Just serve Tea!”



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