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The Immortal Path

The latest documentary by Empty Mind Films looks at the Wudang schools of Tai Chi Chuan. Once again, as with all of the Empty Mind Films productions, it is beautifully filmed and in quality HD format. The film features Taoist master Zhong Yun Long and other schools of the Wudang style of Tai Chi Chuan.

Watch this wonderful trailer of the documentary “The Immortal Path”

“No Martial Art has been so misunderstood in the west than Tai Chi Chuan and especially it’s relationship with the Tao. In the Immortal Path we explore the Tao and the Internal and external styles of Wudang Martial Arts with our guide, Wudang Kungfu master and Taoist priest Zhong Yun Long.”‘

Quote from the Empty Mind Films Empty Mind Films website

Now you can own this wonderful documentary about the Wudang schools of Tai Chi Chuan!
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