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The video “Origin of Speciality – Energy” is a blend of Tai Chi Chuan and Fashion. “OWNONLY” is a new clothing company that wanted to film a video that would be unique to promote their clothing line for men. The video features Tai Chi practitioner Armand Babo performing Tai Chi as his clothes change between wearing a fashionable mens suit and a Tai Chi Uniform.

Please enjoy watching this wonderful video of Tai Chi and Fashion

The idea for the video was conceived by Dario Martinez, who asked his friend Armand Babo if he would be interested in working on the project. Dario and Armand met each other when they were both attending university in Hangzhou. Armand Babo is an award winning Tai Chi practitioner, a Kung Fu Wushu coach, and the president and founder of the BKF International WUSHU Academy.

“The ideas for videos have been a source of laughter for everyone in our office, but most of those ideas are just for fun and might be done later. This Tai Chi video was a more serious idea and based on the business culture we want to promote of taking ownership of your work and always being yourself. Which is why, in the video, Armand is a constant expression of himself regardless if he is in his Tai Chi clothing or in a suit. That is a constant that I think we should all strive for in our own lives.”

– Jason Shepherd

The company started setting up the business in the summer of 2013, and their website went online in March 2014. Armand Babo came in for a few hours to shoot the video on the 25th of July. Dario Martinez and the video editor worked for a few days to finish the work on the video, and it went online on August 4th, 2014.

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