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Sage Of Roxbury

The Sage of Roxbury is a short film by Brynmore Williams. This wonderful short film features Heg Robinson, who has been practicing the art Tai Chi for 47 years. Robinson is the founder of The Roxbury Tai Chi Academy located in Roxbury, Massachusetts, which he founded in 1973.

The Sage of Roxbury from brynmore on Vimeo.

Heg Robinson has learned from several notable Tai Chi teachers. The one that probably has had the most influence on his practice would have been T.T. Liang. Before Robinson learned Tai Chi Chuan, he was depressed and on the verge of suicide. In the film he talks about how he was sitting at the edge of the small Lake with a gun in his hand contemplating suicide. T.T. Liang, who was practicing a short distance away noticed the troubled man, approached Robinson and the exchange between the two men changed Heg Robinson’s life forever. Robinson also had the opportunity to study Tai Chi Chuan with Chu Gin-Soon and T. K. Shis.

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