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Memories From The Fall

This beautifully filmed video features the stunning colors of the Fall Season combined with a solitary figure practicing his Internal Martial Art, all set to wonderful music. This video was almost made by accident, as it was actually test footage taken on a new Sony EX1 camera. The video was shot and edited by Felipe Rojas.

“This is a short video I edited recently with some test footage I’ve taken playing with the 60p feature when I first got this camera; I had found it accidentally on my computer while cleaning up my hard disk; it was shot last Fall while going for a walk on a Saturday morning at a park near by our house.”

Felpe Rojas

Memories from the Fall – Sony EX1R Test from Felipe Rojas on Vimeo.

The man featured in the video is immersed in his morning practice. It appears he is practicing an Internal Martial Art, Tai Chi Chuan or Hsing I or a combination of both. When the filmmaker was asked if he stumbled upon the person practicing in the forest by accident, he replied:

“Yes, it was pure accident, and rather unusual for this man to be there; I wanted to get closer but I was afraid it would bother him, so that is the reason for all my shots to be from a distance.”

Felipe  Rojas

Other works of Felipe Rojas can be seen on the website for his film production company Teraluma Pictures.

It is truly inspiring to see such well made short films of quality being made which feature Tai Chi Chuan and other Internal Martial Arts.





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