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Embracing the Tiger

“Embracing the Tiger” is a hour long documentary about Tai Chi Chuan. The film looks at the history, philosophy, benefits for health, martial self defense side, and the general practice of Tai Chi Chuan. The film was directed by Kate Nielson, and produced by Anthony Fabian through his film company Elysian Films.

Please enjoy a preview of this wonderful film below.

The documentary was filmed in the United Kingdom and various locations within China such as Beijing, Xian, Hua Shan, Shanghai, and Shoalin Longmen. Focusing on the Tai Chi Classics, “Embracing the Tiger” explores the journey of Tai Chi Chuan from its birthplace in China to the Western World looking at it from socio-polidtical, anthroplogical, and historical perspectives.

As well, the film looks at aspects of the Chinese culture; touching upon calligraphy, Chinese medicine, Taoism, Confucianism, and the I-Ching. These all had influences on the shaping and evolution of the art of Tai Chi Chuan.

A film of great contrasts and beauty, the film focuses on the exchange between East and West that is modern Tai Chi.

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