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Chen Village Documentary Trailer

A wonderful documentary by Empty Mind Films on the Chen Village that is famous for being the birth place of Chen Family Style Tai Chi Chuan. The documentary looks at life in the village, the training of Chen Tai Chi that goes on in the village, and about Chen Family Tai Chi Chuan itself. You hear of the experiences of foreigners who have traveled to China to live and train Tai Chi at the Chen Village.

The Documentary features Chen Tai Chi masters such as Chen Xiaowang, his brother Chen Xiaoxing who is the head of the Chen Village Tai Chi school, Chen Ziqiang who is the son of Chen Xiaoxing, as well as Chen Bing who is a nephew of Chen Xiaowang and Chen Xiaoxing.

Watch this wonderful trailer of the documentary “Chen Village”

Now you can own this wonderful documentary about the famous Chen Village, and learn about the life, the training and the people of this unique village that is the birthplace of Chen Family Tai Chi Chuan.
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  1. very nice nice moves and tradicions.

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