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Gerald Browning

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Gerald Browning is a husband, father, martial artist, writer, scholar and student who has found his way back to training roughly five years ago. He trains in martial arts styles such as Karate, Ninjutsu, Tai Chi, Judo, Capoeira, and Iaido. He teaches writing at Muskegon Community College, Baker College, and Grace Bible College. As a student of Tai Chi, he explores the art by studying with a small group of practitioners and enjoys helping others find their path in the martial arts. You may connect with and follow his writing efforts at the Facebook Page of Gerald Browning

Training With The Greats: Taiji Seminar With Chen Bing

I haven’t been training in Chen Old Frame for long, so when I had the opportunity to train with a Chen Master, I knew it would be an opportunity of a …

Do Your Breathing

Whenever I see my son about to scream or cry out of frustration and/or anger, I tell him “Do your breathing”. My two year old will raise and lower his arms

Tai Chi: Not Just “Old People in the Park”

My first foray into the “internal” arts was when I took up Taijiquan around five years ago. Learning Tai Chi has taught me how to move from the inside …