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Two Dragons Tai Chi Academy
We teach the full system of traditional Yang style Tai Chi Chuan. Forms, Breathing, and Martial Art. In slowness there is speed, in stillness there is motion, and in gentleness there is strength!
British Columbia
Northern Dragons
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Come and learn tai chi, the Worlds leading health exercise for improved balance, coordination, relaxation, blood pressure and mobility.
United Kingdom
Bellevue Tai Chi
United States
Tai Chi 4 You
Tai Chi 4 You
Tai Chi 4 You
Original Yang Family Style Tai Chi Chuan
De Ultieme oefening voor lichaam en geest!
Yang Family 108 form, Tai Chi 24 form performed with the old style principles of movement.
13 principle form, Pushing Hands and full Yang Original Style family curriculum.
Lifestyle coaching and a variety of lessons available in Noord Brabant The Netherlands and workshops available in the Benelux area.
Happy Chi, Tony Stewart
The Netherlands
Noord Brabant
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Masich Internal Arts Method 馬希奇内家拳法
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Join Yanira and Sam Masich on their taijiquan and internal arts journeys around the world! Discover the unique features of The Masich Internal Arts Method.

Kai Ming Association for Tai Chi Chuan
We teach Cheng Man Ching style tai chi (Yang style) from mindfulness through to martial application and include form, push-hands, weapons and more
United Kingdom
West Midlands
Taichipailin Mariní
Prácticas transmitidas por el Maestro Liu Pai Lin – para la salud y la longevidad
Buenos Aires
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
Springs Tai Chi  in Colorado Springs
Springs Tai Chi
We offer weekly classes for beginners and continuing Tai Chi students based on the Yang-style form created by William C.C. Chen. Our classes are held on Tuesday nights at the Shorin Center, 955 Garden of the Gods Rd, Ste E, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80907.
United States
Colorado Springs
Tai Chi Association of Colorado Springs
Learn Authentic Yang Family Tai Chi Forms, Qigong, Push Hands & Weapons
United States
Colorado Springs
Tai Chi Online Classes
Learn Authentic Yang Style Tai Chi Online – Complete Online Curriculum
United States
Colorado Springs