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Dong Taijiquan Dao Academy

Dong Taijiquan Dao Academy
Dong Zeng Chen
Dong-Style Taijiquan arrived in Hawaii of the United States in the early 1960s by Grandmaster Dong Hu Ling. It was passed down to his son Dong Zeng Chen in 1983, and now he is the head master of Dong Style Taijiquan. In 2000, Grandmaster Dong Zeng Chen formally named his school the Dong Taijiquan Dao Academy. He has devoted his whole life to sharing the authentic and deep Taiji theories and philosophy all over the world.

The Dong family has been teaching Taiji for four generations, for over a hundred years of history. Great Grandmaster Dong Ying Jie learned the true essence of martial arts from many famous masters, such as Shaolin Master Liu Ying Zhou, Yang- Style Taiji master Yang Cheng Fu and Hao-Style Master Li Xiang Yuan. He went on to create his own unique Dong-Style Taijiquan.

For over 60 years, Master Dong Zeng Chen has intensively studied and practiced this internal martial art. He is one of very few masters who inherited and has mastered the essentials of Taijiquan. Among his many great accomplishments is sharing Taijiquan: combat, internal gong (internal energy) and philosophy.

Master Dong Zeng Chen has trained many Taijiquan instructors who continue to pass on the family tradition.

United States
231 Auwaiolimu st.
  • Dong Taijiquan Dao Academy

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Dong Taijiquan Dao Academy