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Wu Hao Tai Chi Chuan

Wu Hao Tai Chi Chuan
Wu Hao Tai Chi Chuan
Wu Hao Tai Chi Chuan
GrandMaster Jimmy K. Wong
Wu (Hao) is a powerful taijiquan system for health and martial arts. It is one of the 5 major tai chi styles recognized in China today.

Mr. Jimmy K Wong(Wang Guoqiang) is the Sixth generation, direct lineage of the WU Yuxiang Wu(Hao) Tai Chi System. Fith Generation Gmasters Wu Wenhan and Chen Guan took him as their disciples. The China International Yongnian Traditional Taijiquan Assn., in 1998, granted Mr.Wong the title, Grandmaster of Wu(hao). At that time he was the only person outside of China to have this distinction.

After Working several years in the computer field, he left to pursue Chinese Martial Arts and Traditional Chinese Medicine professionally. Currently, he is a licensed acupuncturist and director of JK Wong Kung Fu Academy in Dallas, Texas and founder and president of USA Chin Woo Federation.

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Wu Hao Tai Chi Chuan