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Tai Chi Online Classes

Tai Chi Online Classes
Sifu Michael Paler
Learn Authentic Yang Style Tai Chi Online – Complete Online Curriculum

Sifu Michael Paler is the 7th generation lineage holder of the Imperial Yang Family Tai Chi.
Michael teaches in an intricate style that gives you not just form, but also the information you need to restructure your body and mind to transform your life. These are the teachings that have been passed down through 7 generations according to the teachings of the Yang Family.
Here is a sampling of the courses you will learn:
-Tai Chi Stretch and Warmup – (Muscle / tendon changing and bone density / marrow washing exercise)
-Yang Style Tai Chi 108 Form – (Broken down movement by movement with detailed instruction and follow-alongs)
-Jibengong – (Basic skills, stances, weight position, gate opening exercises)
– Optional 100 Day “Inner door” exercises
-13 Jins training
-Yang Cheng Fu’s Essential Tai Chi Principles
-Qigong / Neigong
-2 – Person Exercises (developmental exercises and tui shou “Push Hands”)

United States
Colorado Springs
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Tai Chi Online Classes