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Foreigners Travel Half Way Around The World To Learn Tai Chi

Every year more and more foreigners travel to China to learn and deepen their studies in the traditional art of Tai Chi Chuan. They travel from countries such as the United States, Canada, Great Britain, France, Brazil, and India. More often than not, their destination is the Chen Village (Chenjiagou), which is the birthplace of Chen style Tai Chi Chuan.

In the Chen Village, there are several schools that are set up to teach foreign students, even providing dormitories. Chen Xiao Xing, Chen Zhao Sen, Chen Bing, and Wang Xi An all have schools that teach to foreign students.

The Chen Village has transformed from a dusty little town, to a destination city for both foreigners and native Chinese to go to study Tai Chi Chuan. A lot of money has been injected into the local economy, building new schools, erecting statues, and building large plazas with the Yin Yang design.

Tour companies and Tai Chi schools have organized tours for visiting the Chen Village, and many Tai Chi enthusiasts make their own pilgrimage to the birthplace of Chen Tai Chi.

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    I am also interested in this.I had spent some in Meditation in China. Tai Chi and Kung-Fu is my next target.

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