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Challenging yourself in Tai Chi Practice

How much do you challenge yourself in your practice of Tai Chi Chuan? This firefighter dons full gear, including oxygen tank and mask, and then performs the 38 …

Lou Reed and Tai Chi

The late Lou Reed was mostly known as musician, however, one of his passions in life was practicing Tai Chi Chuan. Lou Reed was famous as the principal …

World Tai Chi Day In Greenville

Film maker Valdas Kotovas has produced a beautiful film capturing the events and people celebrating World Tai Chi and Qigong Day in Greenville, South

The Immortal Path

The latest documentary by Empty Mind Films looks at the Wudang schools of Tai Chi Chuan. Once again, as with all of the Empty Mind Films productions, it is …

Andy Samberg Doing Tai Chi In Hot Rod Movie

n the 2007 movie "Hot Rod", Andy Samberg and his co-star Isla Fisher perform a scene in which they are practising Tai Chi on the shore of a beautiful lake.

The Slow Motion Tai Chi Of Daniel Medvedov

Daniel Medvedov practices and teaches what is known as the 384 Tai Chi Sequence of Yao style of Traditional Book Of Changes I Ching

What Defines the Martial From The Art?

Here is an interesting short film about the Martial Arts and “The Thin Line That Defines” the martial from the art. There is some Tai Chi featured …

Travel – A Teacher’s Story

Hau Kum Lueng Kneip is a teacher of Tai Chi Chuan in Chicago, United States. She began her journey in Tai Chi in 1978, learning the Yang style in Hong Kong,

Tai Chi Park Was Built As Tribute For A Teacher

A group of Tai Chi Chuan practitioners in Bethesda, Maryland have built a special Park in memory of David C. Chen who was their beloved Tai Chi teacher.

Tai Chi For Cool

The video “Origin of Speciality – Energy” is a blend of Tai Chi Chuan and Fashion. “OWNONLY” is a new clothing company that …