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Taijiquan’s Pressing (按 An) and Squeezing (挤 Ji) (Attacking an Opponent’s Defensive Sphere)

This article addresses attacking a partner/opponent’s defensive “sphere” using an (press) and ji (squeeze), two of the thirteen energies/techniques of …

Are You Comfortable?

Similarly, Tai Chi practice brings us face to face with discomfort. This is probably the reason that 99% of people quit after a few

Fangsong (放松) and Peng (掤) in Taijiquan

In the practice of Taijiquan, we strive to properly balance the yin and yang principles such that there is no excess and no deficiency, no

School Traditions/Principles (Daotong 道統)

Just as every individual has their personality and idiosyncrasies, schools of Taijiquan (太極拳) also have specific traditions and rules (daotong, 道統, …

Taking The Initiative In Taijiquan

Wu Yuxiang’s Taijiquan classic states “You must act according to your opponent, not try to do things from yourself, for if you go along with your opponent,

Bad Training Partners

Training with partners of any kind will eventually lead to being paired with someone that keeps making mistakes, has their own agenda, or is too caught

Taijiquan – Moving Through Molasses

Some practitioners who are older or primarily practice for health practice as softly as possible. Some instead practice as if moving, or "swimming" through …

Why I Think Everyone Should Learn Some Pushing Hands

I encourage all my students to learn Pushing Hands . Even if my students are learning Tàijíquán for health and insist that they never wish to learn …

Do Your Breathing

Whenever I see my son about to scream or cry out of frustration and/or anger, I tell him “Do your breathing”. My two year old will raise and lower his arms

A Kowtow To The Boxers Of Old

This article is based on Sun Jian Guo's book on the Taijiquan of Wu Yu Xiang (1812-1880), and some of it's components. In It are included 3 traditional fist …