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Comfortable Clothing For Practicing Tai Chi Is A Must

Whether you are taking part in a class indoors or by yourself outdoors, wearing comfortable clothing for practicing Tai Chi is a must.

My Journey

I wasn’t a particularly nervous child, just never seemed to fit in. I’m telling you as this is the first step on a journey to understand how Tàijí …

Letter from South America

On November 20th 2011, when Master Yang finished his first seminar in Mendoza, Argentina, he told us, “Tai Chi is like a thread that brings us together”. …

A Moment Of Inspiration

I began my studies in the art of Tai Chi Chuan under the instruction of Larry Banks, who was one of the original students of Jou Tsung Hwa in Piscataway, New …

Everything Is Tai Chi

The principles of Tai Chi have provided a common foundation for much of Chinese philosophy, including the two most prominent schools, Taoism and Confucianism.

Embracing the Tiger

“Embracing the Tiger” is a hour long documentary about Tai Chi Chuan. The film looks at the history, philosophy, benefits for health, martial self …