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The Loss Of A Special Tai Chi Place

When I moved to Vancouver, BC over 25 years ago, I came across an amazing place to practice Tai Chi Chuan, it was something I had not previously experienced.

Five Reasons To Give Yourself The Gift Of Tai Chi

Tai Chi’s gradual and controlled motions help practitioners gain a better awareness of their own bodies.Despite the slow motion, tai chi is a physical …

3 Reasons To Try Tai Chi This Weekend

But rather than exercise through exertion, tai chi brings the same physical benefits through slow, controlled, and sustained movements

Comfortable Clothing For Practicing Tai Chi Is A Must

Whether you are taking part in a class indoors or by yourself outdoors, wearing comfortable clothing for practicing Tai Chi is a must.

My Journey

I wasn’t a particularly nervous child, just never seemed to fit in. I’m telling you as this is the first step on a journey to understand how Tàijí …

Letter from South America

On November 20th 2011, when Master Yang finished his first seminar in Mendoza, Argentina, he told us, “Tai Chi is like a thread that brings us together”. …

A Moment Of Inspiration

I began my studies in the art of Tai Chi Chuan under the instruction of Larry Banks, who was one of the original students of Jou Tsung Hwa in Piscataway, New …

Everything Is Tai Chi

The principles of Tai Chi have provided a common foundation for much of Chinese philosophy, including the two most prominent schools, Taoism and Confucianism.

Embracing the Tiger

“Embracing the Tiger” is a hour long documentary about Tai Chi Chuan. The film looks at the history, philosophy, benefits for health, martial self …