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The Loss Of A Special Tai Chi Place

When I moved to Vancouver, BC over 25 years ago, I came across an amazing place to practice Tai Chi Chuan, it was something I had not previously experienced.

Five Reasons To Give Yourself The Gift Of Tai Chi

Tai Chi’s gradual and controlled motions help practitioners gain a better awareness of their own bodies.Despite the slow motion, tai chi is a physical …

Foreigners Travel Half Way Around The World To Learn Tai Chi

Every year more and more foreigners travel to China to learn and deepen their studies in the traditional art of Tai Chi

UFC Star Anderson “The Spider” Silva Tries Tai Chi

Anderson "The Spider" Silva took time out after a press conference for his fight with Kelvin Gastelum in Shangai on September 25th for some lessons on Tai

3 Reasons To Try Tai Chi This Weekend

But rather than exercise through exertion, tai chi brings the same physical benefits through slow, controlled, and sustained movements

Millions To Demonstrate Tai Chi During Month Of September

What may be the largest Tai Chi event will be happening during the month of September. Several large demonstrations of Tai Chi with thousands of

Wounded Warriors, Tai Chi, And Injury Recovery

Instructor Norm Gill began a class for wounded soldiers at Fort Bragg in 2012. Five years later, the class is still going strong.

Basketball Star Stephen Curry Tries Tai Chi

While taking part in Under Armour's SC30 Asia Tour, Curry, along with members of his family, tried his hand learning Tai Chi in the city of Guangzhou,

Tai Chi & Health Qigong Festival Held In New York

Hundreds of Tai Ch enthusiasts gathered at New York's Corona Park! The Confucius Institute at Pace University hosted the 2017 Tai Chi & Health Qigong

Arthur Storey Park Tai Chi Court

Arthur Storey Park in Houston, Texas, has a special place for practitioners of Tai Chi to go to. The park has been used for years by people to practice Tai