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Video Essay Of Ang Lee’s Movie “Pushing Hands”

Ang Lee is a Taiwanese film director, who has seen many of his films have international success. His first full feature film was "Pushing Hands" from

Release Of Jet Li’s Tai Chi Film Gong Shou Dao (GSD)

We showed you the new trailer for Jet Li's new short movie called "Gong Shou Dao". You can now watch this film now that it was just released on November

The Misguided Monk – Animated Short Film

This is a wonderful short animated film. It features a monk earnestly trying hard to practice his Tai Chi, when he is interrupted by a cute little dog

A Small Allegory

Francisco Sánchez gives a wonderful exhibition of movement in this short film titled "A Small Allegory" by performing Taiji Neigong Wu Bu

Tai Chi In The Movie “Killer Elite”

In one of the scenes of the movie, Locken meets an old friend, who is practicing Tai Chi in a group which led by Guang Ping Tai Chi Chuan master Kuo …

Tai Chi in the movie “This Must Be The Place”

The movie "This Must Be The Place" is about a former rock star who embarks on a quest from his retirement to find the ex-Nazi war who had persecuted his

The Professor: Tai Chi’s Journey West – Film Review

Barry Stugartz has crafted a loving and respectful tribute to Cheng Man Ching. “The Professor” was the first major Tai Chi master from China to come to …

The Immortal Path

The latest documentary by Empty Mind Films looks at the Wudang schools of Tai Chi Chuan. Once again, as with all of the Empty Mind Films productions, it is …

Andy Samberg Doing Tai Chi In Hot Rod Movie

n the 2007 movie "Hot Rod", Andy Samberg and his co-star Isla Fisher perform a scene in which they are practising Tai Chi on the shore of a beautiful lake.

Tai Chi In The Movie Easy Rider

The movie Easy Rider is an American Classic that was made in 1969. We get to see actor Robert Walker Jr., who plays Jack in the movie, perform some Tai Ch