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Book Reviews

Review: Tai Chi: The True History & Principles, by Lars Bo Christensen

In Tai Chi: The True History & Principles, Lars Bo Christensen discusses the texts, stored for 300 years by descendants of the Tang Village’s Li

Book Review: The Taijiquan & Qi Gong Dictionary

The Taiju & Qi Gong Dictionary is a handy reference for beginners to add to their library, or to pair with related histories, novels, diagrams,

Book Review – Tai Chi: The Story of a Chinese Master In America

Family. A common thread in this charming story surrounding an adolescent boy and his uncle navigating duty, education, a culture’s oral history, and the …

The Old Man From the Hill: Lessons In Qigong and Tai Chi, Parts I And 2

A different coming of age tale –about a youth’s transformation with the help of an elder internal arts practitioner. The protagonist of Steve …

Book Review: The Power of Tai Chi Chuan

For beginner students of Tai Chi Chuan, Robin Gamble’s book is a helpful resource for those looking for a brief introduction to each of several topics. An …

“Taijiquan Explained Part II”

Alex Dong is a 4th generation Taiji Master of the Dong (Tung) family. He started learning Taiji at the young age of five from his father, Grand Master Dong …

Book Review: Laoshi: Tai Chi, Teachers and the Pursuit of Principle

Jan Kauskas takes us into the ups and downs of learning not only tai chi, but applicable life principles that arise along the

Book Review: The Taijiquan Theory

The “Taijiquan Theory”, written by Dr Yang Jwing-Ming, is a book for students who would like to further their understanding of Taiji. The author is …

The Philosophy of Tai Chi Chuan

Freya and Martin Boedicker, the authors of the book “The Philosophy Of Tai Chi Chuan” are both practitioners of the Wu style of Tai Chi