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About Harris Klonizakis

Harris Klonizakis was born in Athens and started his training in Taiji and Qigong in 1999. He has also practiced Yoga, meditation, Kung Fu and Yang family Taijiquan. He believes that Taiji incorporates elements of all the aforementioned healing arts, thus it has become his main practice. He is a physiotherapy assistant and works as a massage therapist since 2009. Considering himself an eternal student, he's also studied and practiced various complementary alternative methods and therapies. He loves music and explores its healing qualities, plays drums and percussion and enjoys being in nature.

“Taijiquan Explained Part II”

Alex Dong is a 4th generation Taiji Master of the Dong (Tung) family. He started learning Taiji at the young age of five from his father, Grand Master Dong …